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Consistent, excellent personal service designed especially for contractors. Switch flexibly between Umbrella and your PSC.

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per month + VAT

What you get for the money

Umbrellas all charge a margin that is deducted from the funds remitted by the agency at the contract rate. The FreeFlex combined monthly cost is £125 +VAT per month. After you have joined us and after carrying out your duties you must submit a weekly timesheet to us and we will invoice the agency. Some contracts are “self-billing” and in that case the agency send us a copy of the bill they create based on your timesheet. The agency pay us the contract rate for your time which includes all costs to cover your employment, employment taxes and holiday entitlement. When we are paid by the agency we will pay you on the same day after deducting income tax, national insurance and our margin. We will email or SMS you when payment has been made.

The paperwork

Enquire online now or call us on 01202 022550 and we will help you through the process.

For new clients to Intouch we need proof of your ID and address and a copy of your latest P45. If you are a PSC with Intouch this is already done.

As an existing PSC client of Intouch we will issue your P45 and use all the data we have to set you up quickly.

We will need a copy of your contract and a copy of the HMRC digital assessment tool results if completed.

We will issue you with an employment contract with Intouch Umbrella and agree your rates of pay for each assignment.

If you are working via an agency they will have a contract with the end hirer and we will establish a master contract with them reflecting those terms.

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